Most people see the bathroom as one of the most important rooms in the home, but they get grubby quickly.

You can clean your bathroom regularly to help keep it looking new but wear and tear will eventually take a toll. After a while, you’ll start to notice elements getting worn out. The grout in your shower is constantly exposed to water, and while it’s very resistant, it will break down eventually.

Let’s take a look at some of the key signs that you need shower grout restoration.

1. Stubborn Mold

It’s very difficult to completely prevent mold in a bathroom. It’s uncommon on shower tiles but grows more easily on the grout between them. It’s best to get rid of mold as soon as you see it, as it will become a lot harder to remove with time.

When mold gets too bad you won’t be able to remove it simply by cleaning. You can hire a shower regrouting service to remove the old grout and replace it.

2. Deterioration

Even when you look after your shower well, wear and tear will have an effect. Aside from that, excessive force can cause it to crack and break apart.

Cracks make it easier for mold to grow, and moisture could get behind tiles. This can lead to some serious problems, so it’s best to replace grout as soon as you notice any such damage.

3. Loose Tiles

All of your tiles should be firmly in place, and grout helps ensure this. They shouldn’t move at all if you apply pressure to them.

If any of them do, it’s often a sign of improper insulation. It can also be the result of moisture getting through the grout and behind the tiles. This is something that will get worse with time, so you should have a professional deal with this issue as soon as possible.

When tiles in walkways become loose, they can be a bit more dangerous as they may present a trip hazard. At the same time, you’re far more likely to notice them. A professional will be able to regrout your tile flooring to eliminate this issue.

4. Discoloration

Even if your grout isn’t damaged, day-to-day use can lead to discoloration and staining. Things like poor application, dirt, and certain cleaning chemicals can make this happen faster.

It’s worth noting that discoloration doesn’t always mean that grout is damaged. Functionally, it could still be in a good state, so grout repair might not be entirely essential. With that said, it will affect the overall appearance of your bathroom, so you may still want it regrouted.

Professional Grout Restoration Services

You can take measures to look after your bathroom, but time will always take a toll. Regular use will wear away at grout, potentially causing it to crack, deteriorate, and lose color. Mold growth is also difficult to avoid in such an environment, so you’ll eventually need to regrout your tiles.

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