Grout Repair in Boise

The Groutsmith’s Grout Repair Service in Boise

Wear and tear, improper installation, and harsh cleaners are among the many reasons your grout might be in need of repair. We remove failed and damaged grout by hand. Our process avoids damaging the tile and limits dust and debris. 

This also allows us to immediately replace the grout — keeping repair times to a minimum and allowing you to quickly resume your normal routine. With our large selection of colors we can match any grout. Combined with cleaning and color sealing, the repaired area becomes indistinguishable.

Grout Fails for Many Reasons...

The Groutsmith repairs failing grout, saving you thousands!

failing grout in shower 2

Failing grout in shower

failing grout in shower

Failing grout in shower

repaired grout in shower

Repaired grout in shower

Make your grout and tile look like new again!

Don’t replace it, Restore it!

before and after with sealer!
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