Grout Sealing in Meridian

The Groutsmith’s Grout Sealing Service in Meridian

Grout Sealing provides protection for your grout against moisture and stains. In most cases, grout is not waterproof, which allows moisture and dirt to penetrate beneath the surface. This not only leads to the accumulation of dirt and grime but also promotes the growth of fungi and microbes. To prevent these issues, we offer two options for sealing your grout:

Clear Sealing: This option is ideal for new or newly installed grout. It deeply penetrates and waterproofs the grout, preventing moisture from seeping in along with unwanted dirt and grime. Clear sealing helps maintain the appearance of your new grout for a longer period.

Color Sealing: If you wish to restore your grout to its original color, color sealing is the solution. It absorbs into the grout and forms a protective barrier on top, concealing uneven tones and blocking the entry of dirt, moisture, and bacteria. Color sealing not only facilitates easier cleaning in the future but also rejuvenates your tile and grout, giving them a fresh, like-new look. Additionally, it allows for customization of your grout color.

Color Changing Grout: If your grout color is not to your liking, whether it was installed incorrectly or you desire a new look, we can assist you. With our Restoration Color Seal, we can change the color of your grout by several degrees, bringing your space closer to your vision. Please note that not all color changes are possible, but depending on your specific circumstances, we can transform your space without the need for an expensive remodel. Moreover, your grout will be fully sealed, preventing future staining and wear, and ensuring that your tile and grout remain easy to clean.

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