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The Groutsmith’s Grout Coloring Service in Meridian

Homeowners in Meridian know that over time, grout loses its original color, leaving tile installations looking perpetually dirty despite regular cleaning. Fortunately, The Groutsmith Team is here to address this issue. Our specialized Color Sealing service is designed to effectively tackle any grout discoloration problem you may encounter, bringing back the vibrancy and enhancing the overall appearance of your tiled areas. Say goodbye to unsightly grout and welcome a refreshed look with The Groutsmith’s expertise.

Why Choose the Groutsmith and Our Process

We have 10+ years experience cleaning and Color Sealing grout in the Boise area and in that time we have helped thousands of Boise residents and made their tile and grout installations look new again. Our grout Color Sealing process creates a protective barrier, ensuring that your grout not only remains protected from future discolorations, but is also easier to clean in the future.

Unattractive Grout Lines? The Groutsmith can fix that!

If your grout lines are dirty or unattractive, either because of foot traffic, kitchen grime, hard water or soap scum, it’s time to call the Groutsmith. Our two step process first freshens your tile and grout by deep cleaning. After scrubbing the dirt and grime from the surface of your tile and getting your grout to cleanest it will ever be, we apply our pigmented Color Seal. Not only can we restore your grout to its original color, we can also change the shade of your grout lines to better match other tile installations. Color Sealing is the fastest and easiest way to customize and protect your tile spaces. No remodel required. Simply make your decision and our team will take care of the rest.

Let Us Save You Time and Effort

With our Color Sealing services you can save both time and effort. We are experts at removing stains, oils, soap scum, dirt, hard water, and other unwanted substances from your tile and grout. Color Sealing not only makes the grout look new again, it also makes it stain resistant and easier to clean. You’ll be thrilled with the long lasting results.

Instead of spending a fortune and months of your precious time remodeling, you can rely on our services. Not only are we a fraction of the cost, the total time before your space is ready for use tends to be, at most, a week. So don’t wait any longer. Refresh your tile and grout by contacting The Groutsmith today.

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