Shower Regrouting

The Groutsmith’s Shower Regrouting Service in Boise

Most showers don’t need a full regrout, but sometimes they do. Signs that your shower needs a regrout include: when the grout brushes or rubs out, grout seems to be soft to the touch, mold and mildew rapidly buildup in the grout lines, the spacers are showing between tiles on the floor, and/or the grout seems to be washed away by water.

The service is non-invasive 

  • We remove and replace grout by hand
  • This prevents chipped tiles and additional damage to your shower

We use epoxy grout

  • Repairs made with epoxy grout will set up properly even in wet environments
  • Unlike cement based grouts epoxy grout is water proof and has a higher tensile strength

Expertly color matched products

  • With a massive selection of colors we can match the tone of any shower

Fully sealed for extra protection

  • We treat floors with a hydrophobic coating for extra peace of mind

Don't take our word for it...

seeing is believing!

Make your grout and tile look like new again!

Don’t replace it, Restore it!

before and after with sealer!
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