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The Groutsmith’s Grout Sealing Service in Eagle

Experience the benefits of Grout Sealing as it safeguards your grout against moisture and stains. Grout is often not waterproof, leaving it susceptible to the infiltration of moisture and dirt below the surface. This unwelcome intrusion not only leads to the accumulation of dirt and grime but also encourages the growth of fungi and microbes. To combat these issues, we proudly present two sealing options for your grout:

Clear Sealing: Perfect for newly installed or recently refreshed grout, Clear Sealing deeply penetrates and waterproofs the grout. By creating a barrier, it effectively repels moisture, preventing the ingress of unwanted dirt and grime. With Clear Sealing, your new grout retains its pristine appearance for an extended period.

Color Sealing: If you desire to revive your grout’s original color, Color Sealing is the ideal choice. This method seeps into the grout, forming a protective barrier that conceals uneven tones and obstructs the entry of dirt, moisture, and bacteria. In addition to making future cleaning effortless, Color Sealing rejuvenates your tile and grout, imparting a fresh, like-new look. Moreover, it grants you the freedom to customize your grout color according to your preferences.

Color Changing Grout: Are you dissatisfied with your current grout color? Whether it was incorrectly installed or you simply crave a new aesthetic, we are here to assist you. Our Restoration Color Seal can transform the color of your grout by several degrees, aligning your space with your vision. While it’s important to note that not all color changes are possible, we strive to fulfill your specific requirements without the need for an expensive remodel. Furthermore, our sealing process ensures that your grout is fully protected, preventing future staining and wear, and making your tile and grout easy to maintain and clean.

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