Shower Cleaning and Shower Restoration

The Groutsmith’s Shower Cleaning and Shower Restoration Service in Boise

The Groutsmith restores showers and makes them look their best. We specialize in cleaning, maintaining, repairing, and sealing in order to give your shower a long life. Your shower will look amazing when we’re done.

Areas that we address:

Deep Cleaning Dirty Showers

  • We are experts in removing troublesome buildups such as:
    • Hard water staining
    • Soap scum
    • Dirt and grime
    • Mildew
  • We also specialize in hard to clean areas:
    • Glass blocks
    • Shower doors and windows

Caulking Repair and Replacement 

  • We repair split, cracked, moldy, and discolored caulking
  • We can remove and replace caulking in any shower – including cultured marble and other non-tile showers
  • Expert color matching with a massive selection of colors to match any space

Repairs and Maintenance

  • We remove and replace caulking
  • Find and repair cracked, missing, and damaged grout
  • We can patch leaks caused by grout and caulk failure
  • Reattach loose tiles and stones

Grout and Natural Stone Sealing 

  • Grout sealing for new construction
    • Clear sealing protects the color and integrity of new installations
  • Restoration Color Sealing for grout in older showers
    • Expert color matching with a massive selection of colors
    • Brightens the grout making it look new again
    • Creates a protective barrier against moisture, grime, mildew and bacteria
  • Natural Stone Sealing to protect and enhance natural stone and tile

Anti-Slip Treatment

Groutsmith Slip-Resist treatment was developed to improve the coefficient of friction on tiled areas that are slippery when wet. This treatment is excellent for shower floors, bathroom floors, and any tiled area that safety from slipping is a concern. Slip-Resist works by creating microscopic pores on the treated surface, that will create a vacuum or suction effect when wet, thereby reducing the risk of slip and fall injuries.

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