The Groutsmith’s Grout and Tile Services in Boise

General Grout Cleaning

Let Us Do the Hard Work!

We specialize in cleaning showers, floors, and counters. Let us take care of the impossible to remove gunk and grime that naturally accumulates over time. Soap scum, hard water, dirt, and mildew are all unsightly and difficult to remove without damaging your tile and grout.

Grout Sealing

Seal and Protect Your Grout!

Most grout isn’t water proof, and this allows moisture and dirt to permeate below the surface. This not only contributes to the buildup of dirt and grime, but also aids in fungal and microbial growth.

Grout Repair

Quick and Clean Grout Repair

Wear and tear, improper installation, and harsh cleaners are among the many reasons your grout might be in need of repair. We remove failed and damaged grout by hand. Our process avoids damaging the tile and limits dust and debris.

Grout Coloring

Color Your Grout for a New Look

The Groutsmith Team specializes in cleaning and restoring damaged and discolored grout. Our Color Sealing service can effectively solve nearly any discoloration issue you may be facing. Schedule a demo today!


Like New Results

We specialize in repairing, removing, and replacing caulking in showers, sinks, bathtubs, floors, and countertops. With our large selection of colors and textures, we can match any caulking and grout.

Loose and Hollow Tile Re-bonding

Tiles Need to Rebonded for Many Reasons

Tiles can loosen due to improper installation, heavy use, or the shifting of the house/foundation. This causes the grout to crack and fall out in chunks. Simply repairing the grout line does not solve the problem and the new grout will quickly fail again.

Natural Stone Sealing

Protect Your Investment

Granite, marble, quartz, travertine, and slate are beautiful, but needs to be sealed to protect it from stains and abuse. We clean and seal your natural stone so that it continues to look good, and provides years of aesthetic enjoyment and easy cleaning.

Shower Cleaning

Take Deep Cleaning to the Next Leval

We are experts in removing troublesome buildups such as hard water staining, soap scum, dirt and grime, mildew and more!

Shower Regrout

Don't Wait to Regrout Your Shower!

Signs that your shower needs a regrout include: when the grout brushes or rubs out, grout seems to be soft to the touch, mold and mildew rapidly buildup in the grout lines, the spacers are showing between tiles on the floor, and/or the grout seems to be washed away by water.

Floor Cleaning, Sealing & Repair

Your Floor Takes a Beating!

The Groutsmith expertly restore tile and grout floors. We clean and repair damaged tile and grout. Then we seal grout and natural stone tiles to restore them to a like new shine.

Countertop and Backsplash Maintenance

Protect Your Countertops and Backsplashes

We handle all of your Countertop and Backsplash maintenance needs. The Groutsmith repairs caulking at intersections, seals natural stone, cleans and seals tile and grout, and repairs broken and loose tiles.

Make your grout and tile look like new again!

Don’t replace it, Restore it!

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