Tips For Avoiding Mold Buildup In Your Shower

Bathrooms are places where we enjoy taking showers due to the comfort and pleasure water brings especially after a tiring day from work. However, the fun gets spoiled if mold is visible on the tile and grout in your bathroom. Cleaning this area will take quite a bit of your time and a lot of elbow grease, however you can expect a clean and germ-free shower afterwards in return. There are many ways on how you can get rid of mold, utilizing the right one reduces the time and effort as well as prevents re-infestation in most cases.

Cleaning the bathrooms in your home should be done regularly in order to avoid bigger problems in the long run, like water damage and toxic mold. Aside from keeping the area clean and beautiful, it also prevents potential health hazards, which is a huge advantage to the people who are using the room. You will find the guide below very helpful when it comes to dispatching the mold on your tile and grout regardless of how big the scope of work might be when it comes to the task  of deep cleaning.

•Safety – always be very careful when working on your bathroom tiles especially when you are using products that can make the surface slippery. Chemical products are also known to be very risky and dangerous to human health which is why you need to consider wearing protective gears. Not only that but some cleaners can damage the tile and erode your grout. Make sure you are using approved cleansers like our Groutsmith cleaning solutions.

•Type of Treatment – you always have a choice when it comes to cleaning products. Chemical products and natural solutions are both great when it comes to getting rid of stains and all sorts of unwanted stuffs on various surfaces. Basically, the choice would depend on your preference. If you are into green living, you can go with natural cleaners as they do not contribute any harm to the environment. However, if you are looking for fast acting treatment, the use of conventional products is a great option. Regardless of which way you choose to go, the most important thing to keep in mind is proper procedure and execution while performing the cleaning process.

•Brushes – these are very important tools to have especially when working on glossy surfaces as well as on the tile grouts as they can reach in between areas that are hard to work at. Although you can finish the task with just one type and size of brush, utilizing a variety of these tools is very helpful in providing an easier job for any average individual. Make sure you’re using the correct brush for each surface, if your brush is too abrasive it could scratch and dull the tiles and erode away the sealed grout.

•Detergent and Water – this is a very popular and common type of cleansing solution used on different types of problems. Although it may seem quite basic and simple for a cleaning agent, it gets the job done pretty well. What’s good about this stuff is that you have it in your house, it is safe, and does not cost you a fortune.

All this type of work can be done by you and your family, if you have the time, but precautions need to be taken to avoid potential and costly damage. Want to take all the worry out of this and see better results than doing it yourself? That’s the easiest job of all…just pick up the phone and give us a call. Restoring tile, grout and shower surfaces is our specialty and you wont find anyone better in the Treasure Valley.