If you have tile installed in your home, there’s a good chance you also have grout lines. According to a report from USA Today, kitchens and bathrooms accounted for some of the most common home renovations in 2023.

Tile adds beauty to any home, but proper grout maintenance is key to keeping it in top condition.

Read on to learn about three of the best, most effective methods for sealing tile grout to protect your investment.

1. Clear Sealing Tile Grout

Even if your tile is waterproof, there’s a good chance that your grout isn’t. This means that dirt and moisture can easily get beneath the surface if your grout isn’t sealed properly. Not only will this make your tile look unattractive, but it can also damage it and cause the tile to become loose or break over time.

One of the best tile grout sealing tips for new or like new tile is to apply clear sealing. This method not only adds a waterproof layer to your grout, but also seeps deep into it for added protection against things like mildew, fungus, and bacteria.

Choose clear sealing if you have tile in places like your bathroom or kitchen. The clear sealant keeps moisture away and prevents it from soaking in to keep your beautiful tile job looking as new and attractive for as long as possible.

2. Color Sealing

Sealing is a key part of grout maintenance, and color sealing will restore your grout to its original color. Not all grout is white or gray — some grout comes in an assortment of shades to match your tile or to create a unique visual contrast.

If you choose color sealing tile grout, you’ll add a protective barrier on top of the existing grout. This helps to hide uneven tones and discoloration, resulting in a beautiful, evenly-colored design.

This option also makes it easier to clean your grout while restoring everything to a new look. You can also opt to have color sealing if you want to add a custom color to your tile.

3. Grout Colorant

Grout colorant, also called grout paint, mixes sealant and colorant together. You’ll find this option in an assortment of tones like white, blue, or any premised or custom color you prefer.

There’s no need to remove your old grout when you opt for grout colorant. It’s essentially painting the colorant right on top of the original grout for a completely new look or a color refresh.

This option is ideal for porcelain or glazed ceramic tiles — it will stain natural stone or unglazed tiles. Choosing a lighter color requires several coats, but it’s a good way to protect and refresh your grout without a lot of legwork.

Protect Your Grout Today

Remember these methods for sealing tile grout to protect your beautiful tile. The right option will not only keep your tile looking new for longer, but it will also protect it from damage.

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