Have you ever wondered why grout gets dirty so fast and so often? Grout is made of sand particles, so it’s porous and attracts dirt easily. The material’s makeup means you can clean constantly and it makes little difference.

Grout colorant can help revitalize your bathroom or kitchen. Grout cleaning in Boise, Idaho can be difficult and time-consuming. Recoloring your grout can save a lot of effort because you’re starting anew.

Flooring updates do more than make your grout look clean, they give your space a fresh update. Keep reading to learn more about tile grouting, grout colorant, and how it can revitalize your home.

How Does Grout Become Dirty?

We said part of the reason grout becomes dirty is because it’s porous. The small holes allow dirt and particles to soak into the material’s pores. Another thing that makes grout a dirt magnet is cleaning it.

Dirty water soaking into grout is an issue. But what comes after makes things worse. Detergents and oils from cleaning don’t sink in the grout but settle on top of it.

The sticky oily-soap coating grabs and holds onto more dirt. The dirt is difficult to wash away because the cycle keeps perpetuating.

Sweeping your tile floors also makes it hard to keep them clean. You’re pushing particles into the grout lines. You’ll have a hard time removing them thanks to grout’s porousness.

What Is Grout Colorant and What Is It For?

Grout colorant, or grout paint, is a mixture of sealant and and colorant. You can find it in white, blue, pink – any premixed or custom color you like. Using colorant isn’t the same as regrouting.

You don’t have to remove the old grout. All you’re doing is painting the colorant on the original surface.

Grout colorant works best for glazed ceramic or porcelain tiles. Using it on natural stone or unglazed tiles will stain. You can switch from a darker to lighter color, but the inverse works better.

Switching colors to a lighter hue will require many coats. Also, recoloring grout won’t affect issues like cracking, crumbling, and missing grout.

Repainting vs. Replacing: Which Is Best?

There aren’t many cosmetic reasons to replace all your floor grout. The process is more difficult than repainting and you could damage your tiles with the grout removal tools.

However, grout replacement is a complete fix. It handles any cracking, crumbling, or missing sections by replacing old grout with new material.

Repainting is best if the grout is only dirty. Replacement is a better option if you have grouting issues.

Do You Need Tile Repair and Restoration?

Cleaning your tiles is time-consuming and may not work as effectively as you’d like. The Groutsmith can bring new life back into your floors and counters with grout colorant.

You can count on our trained technicians to deliver quality home repair work within a day. We also offer Grout sealing, cleaning, repair, and other tile and cabinet services.

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